Assessment Criteria

The assessment objectives have been grouped under the following categories:

  • Personal Qualities (25%)
  • Manipulative, Artistic & Analytical Skills (25%)
  • Aesthetic Qualities (25%)
  • Knowledge and Critical Understanding (25%)


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A Few Words About Us

About Youth Carer Management

Youth Career Management (YCM) is a group of career coaches with a special attention for youth development. YCM strongly believes that youth in Pakistan has the potential to change the destiny of the nation. We are known for our literacy like promoting plans, youth development and enhancing the Professional capabilities.

About All Pakistan Painting Competition

All Pakistan Painting competition has been designed especially to expose the hidden talents and to show the brilliance of Pakistan’s youth. This is an excellent opportunity for your students to show their talent.

APPC Objectives

All Pakistan Painting Competition seek to develop the following abilities and qualities: